Workflow Process

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At LTC Language Solutions, we follow a workflow process to ensure that our standards are being met. During each portion of your translation project, we check and recheck to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is the overseer of the project. He/she will be your contact throughout the duration of your project with LTC Translations.

  • Receives documents and calculates word count
  • Contacts client to determine preferred format, necessary desktop publishing as well as register of language to be used
  • Creates project quote
  • Plans project timelines for translation team based on customer completion date
  • Assigns team members and translators with appropriate experience in the specialized field
  • Tracks and records each step of the project


The Translator is a native speaker of the target language who is qualified to convert source language text into accurate, yet readable target text.

  • Asks for style guide and reference materials
  • Verifies target audience and trademarked names
  • Translates the document following criteria
  • Spell checks and double checks information
  • Rereads target text against source text to finalize
  • Implements changes and feedback of reviewer


The reviewer is a native speaker of target language in charge of evaluating and analyzing the translated text.

  • Asks for same information as translator
  • Edits and proofreads translated text
  • Double checks document for spelling, grammatical, linguistic and cultural issues
  • Quality Assurance/Post DTP proof
  • Checks against references
  • Compares layout against source text for parallelism