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1. Where are you located?

We service the global community with instructors, translators and interpreters worldwide. Our corporate headquarters is located in Indianapolis, IN with a satellite office in Shanghai, China.

2. What are target and source languages?

A target language is your language of study. The source language is the language you are most comfortable in, usually the first language you learn. When referring to countries, the source country is your home country and the target country is the country in which you plan to use your target language.

3. How do I get started with my language classes?

Please complete the online needs analysis so we can contact you with information regarding your program of interest. We will then schedule an appointment to speak with you in person or over the phone to discuss class and curriculum options.

4. How do I implement a private or group language program at my workplace?

Email us at study@languagetrainingcenter.com so one of our language specialists can gather information regarding your company's language needs. After goals are established, one of our curriculum coordinators will develop a program that is best suited to your needs and determine an appropriate program schedule.

5. How long will it take me to be fluent?

Many factors influence the speed at which a new language is acquired:
  • Prior experience with foreign languages and/or this language
  • Amount of time devoted to practice outside of class
  • Your personal motivation
  • Your natural language aptitude
Using the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines as a benchmark, you are likely to attain novice level in speaking ability after approximately 30-60 hours of instruction.

6. How do you develop a curriculum for my classes?

Based on your needs analysis, assessment, purpose of study, time constraints, learning style and goals, one of our curriculum coordinators chooses appropriate instructional materials.
Taking into account the above information, your instructor will develop a syllabus for your program of study to incorporate a variety of activities into your classes. These activities include: oral, written and listening exercises as well as readings, role plays and discussions.
In addition, we will supplement your learning with authentic materials such as MP3s, music, magazines and newspaper articles.

7. Will my teacher be a native speaker of the language I am studying?

All instructors at LTC Language Solutions have a native proficiency in the language they teach.

8. Does LTC Language Solutions offer school credit?

In some circumstances, we can arrange credit through your school, but typically we do not offer credit.

9. Will LTC Language Solutions support my student visa?

No. At this time, LTC Language Solutions does not support visas.

10. Do I need to be accepted into LTC Language Solutions?

No. We welcome all students to LTC Language Solutions and are waiting for you to start now!

11. Will I keep the same teacher throughout my language program?

Most likely. Because your language acquisition is important to us, we like to keep you with the same teacher. However, there are occasions when you may have classes with more than one teacher. If you go on an extended vacation or are gone for more than 15 consecutive business days, you may be placed with a new teacher.

12. What is the ACTFL scale and how can I read it?

All aspects of the LTC program are rated based on the ACTFL scale, which we believe to be the most comprehension measuring tool for specific and objective progress evaluations. 
The proficiency guidelines...
  • Were developed by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
  • Represent a hierarchy of global characteristics of integrated performance in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Describe a sample of a particular range of ability
  • Include ten levels and each subsumes all previous levels
These guidelines identify stages of proficiency, as opposed to achievement. They do not measure what individuals achieve through specific classroom instruction, but assess what individuals can and cannot do after the completion of language training.
To learn more about enrolling at LTC, email us at sales@languagetrainingcenter.com or call 317.578.1661.