Why LTC?

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How do you know we are accomplished?

  • We have interpreted, translated and taught 100 languages since 2005.
  • One of our largest clients, a leading pharmaceutical company, has been a loyal customer since 1992, the year LTC was founded.
  • Our full-time staff has an average of over 12 years of experience in their respective fields.
  • Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America – We have served clients from six out of seven world continents.


LTC Translations is your partner in international solutions. We are defined by our ability to provide customized services to meet clients' specific needs.

Over 400 native speaking interpreters comprise our pool of accomplished linguists. Services available include consecutive, simultaneous, whisper and liaison interpreting. Our professional interpreters have been trained to provide accurate interpreting in a variety of settings including hospitals, courtrooms, conferences and schools.


Our interpreting specialists are:


We are one of Indiana's most comprehensive privately held language facilities and are ready to be your connection to the worldwide conversation.

LTC Translations has 15 years of experience helping businesses, government entities and individuals to communicate with the world. We have the resources to manage all projects in house at our corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our interpreting services reach beyond the borders of Indiana.  We have interpreters available across the United States as well! 

Overnight interpreting available in the Indianapolis area.

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