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The Global Demand for Interpreters

Interpreter training is crucial for providing effective interpreting services. On every level from government to commerce, to human services, to the individual, the minimal standard for training in the interpreting profession is 40 hours, and is quickly rising to 120 hours of training.

Let LTC Echo partner with you in raising the bar in interpretation.  For more information, please contact us at 317-578-4577, or email us.

Interpreter Training

 We invite you to experience the benefits of investing in Interpreter Training, such as:

  •  Increased Efficiency

  •  Increased Effectiveness of Communication with Limited English Proficient (LEP) Populations

  •  Decreased time and fiscal costs of inaccurate communication

  •  Greater Trust in spite of cultural and linguistic barriers

  •  Greater Professionalism 

Who is a Trained Interpreter?

There are several components to being a fully trained interpreter.  In addition to being able to speak multiple languages, it is imperative that the interpreter is thoroughly trained.

We invite you to participate in LTC Echo’s 360° Interpreter Training, which offers the following: 

  • Language Assessment - Ensures proficiency in native and target languages. Language assessment also allows for evaluation of the vocabulary set of the interpreter, and determines whether she/he will need specialized terminology training, such as medical or mental health specific vocabulary.

  • Role of the Interpreter - Executes efficiently the multiple functions of the interpreter. Commits to the national standards, laws, and expectations of interpreting which is crucial considering the paucity of training available in the interpreting field.

  • Interpreting Skills - Practices specific skill set shared in the interpreting profession to facilitate communication as a third party. Interpreters actively practice these skills including: register, sight translation, code-switching, cognitive strengthening, active and critical listening, and more.

  • Professionalism – Offers culturally appropriate customer service within industry-specific protocol

For more information, please contact us at 317-578-4577, or email us.