Cross Cultural Training

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Even more important than the words you say is how you say them and how you present yourself. Understanding other cultures greatly enhances international relationships and creates more favorable working conditions when sending employees on overseas assignments or relocating them to the United States.

Investing your time in cross cultural training is a great way to...

  • Prepare yourself for working with clients internationally
  • Connect with non-English speaking employees 
  • Reach a more diverse clientele

Let us educate you and your staff through our highly developed cross cultural training.

The principal goal of the program is to provide our students with the necessary information to anticipate the cultural aspects, including both business and everyday life, which will shape their time abroad.

Language Training Center's interactive, lively cross cultural and multicultural training programs are conducted by an instructor from the target country with a full understanding of the target culture.

Training Objectives

  • Provide our students with a thorough cultural profile of the target country
  • Highlight similarities and differences between the target and home culture
  • Discuss factors that may affect family, personal and business relationships
  • Run interactive simulations that reflect realistic situations in the target culture


LTC's services are custom designed to address the complex needs of international employees as well as the growing foreign born and immigrant populations.

Contact us at to find out about how LTC can customize a cross cultural program to meet diverse needs.